The Best Europe Experience With Bridgend Motorhome, Caravan and Leisure Park by Steven Magill

After finishing college, I decided to go with some friends of mine back packing across Europe and like all recent graduates of my generation, we were willing to stay at the inexpensive youth hostels, eat meagerly to support our tabs for drinking down beers, and at times, sleep at the train stations as needs be. It was a wonderful experience doing this in your early twenty's and something that I will cherish through out my life. As a family man, with three kids and an adventurous wife who loves to travel more than I do, we decided to take on a European vacation last summer. Starting off our travels in Paris reaching to parts of Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Italy and eventually heading off to the United Kingdom where we would spend ten days with a childhood friend of mine and his family on their holiday. Of course it seemed difficult to do the backpacking experience with my family so we decided to opt for a more leisurely mode. We checked into family type hotels that were not that hard to find, especially with the internet. Then, we would rent vans if possible, and do our own tours. We had to contend with maps, and sometimes different road signs that may or may have not been present in the map. Conversing with locals, especially in France, Italy and Germany presented to be a worthwhile challenge with the end result being the quick guide step to sign language or sign signals, if that is indeed a correct term. And at the end of day, we would end up back in the hotel room, exhausted and tired, but laughing about our interesting experiences of the day. All in all, that part of the trip was a learning experience of traveling with the family and not necessarily a leisurely vacation

Upon entering the United Kingdom, I was surprised by my friend that we were going on a land trip around the area and would be using a Motorhome. We were able to lease a motorhome at the Bridgend Motorhome, Caravan and Leisure Park and I must say that it was one of the most pleasant times I have had in all my travels. The people who owned the Bridgend Motorhome, Caravan and Leisure Park were very amiable and pleasant. It's a family run business and those working were either relatives or long time employees of the company. In fact, it was a throwback of sorts for me to experience the service of the Bridgend Motorhome, Caravan and Leisure Park for it reminded me of how business was conducted when I was a teenager accompanying my dad when he talked to his clients, most of whom ran family owned business. At the Bridgend Motorhome, Caravan and Leisure Park, everything was done personally. There was this warmth and genuine feeling that they truly cared for you, not because you were the customer but you were the guest, and you were their friend. They even invited us for a family dinner at our last night there where they told us their history of the company and had some of their nieces and nephews play with our kids. They are one company that I would never forget soon.

The Benefits of Booking Vacation Packages by Mellisa Schwarz

Whether you're searching for the best travel bargains or you're simply strapped for time, vacation packages are a very convenient and cost-effective travel solution. When you purchase a package that includes airfare, hotel, tours, rental cars, food, and other services, it eliminates the need for you to have to book everything separately and research prices. Furthermore, you can often get better deals when you purchase a package because the provider purchases flights, hotel rooms, etc. in bulk and can thus offer you discounted prices when bundling everything together.

Perhaps you have a flexible schedule and are open to scheduling impromptu vacations. If so, you'll find that vacation packages are often a great way to take advantage of last minute deals. When you sign up for email alerts with travel deals websites, you can stay on top of all of the latest bargains, most of which are usually package deals.

When you plan a vacation to a new place completely on your own, many things can go wrong. Not only is trip planning incredibly time consuming, you can end up staying in a bad area, being far away from the attractions you want to visit, or getting ripped. When you book a package deal that includes tours, your itinerary is completely planned out for you so there are no unpleasant surprises. Moreover, it is the job of travel agencies and package providers to ensure that you have the best vacation possible. Travel agencies are there to help you if any issues arise and make sure that things run smoothly throughout your trip. Some package deals even include insurance in case you get money stolen or lose your luggage.

When you travel with a group, it can be particularly beneficial to purchase a package deal. Bear in mind that package prices are set based on double occupancy of hotel rooms. Prices may be slightly different if you are traveling solo. If you are traveling with a group, you may be able to score an even better deal. Travelers with children in tow may want to look for travel package deals that offer discounted prices for children. If you want to book a package at an all-inclusive resort, you may be able to find a resort that doesn't charge for kids. Resort deals may also include airfare, airport transfers, and other extras.

Whether you're hoping to explore historical attractions in Europe, kick back on a stunning beach in Australia, or visit ancient ruins in Mexico, you're sure to find a package deal that suits your travel tastes. There is a variety of great package deals available for solo travelers, honeymooners, and families alike.

Highlights For Your Costa Rica Vacation by Julieta Laham

Costa Rica is a perfect destination for a family vacation. It is a wonderland of natural resources and ecological wonders. If you are thinking of planning a vacation there, it is a good idea to research ahead of time for the most age appropriate activates for your children.

As well as a holiday, your children will learn so much about another culture, climate and environment. Costa Ricans are very family-oriented and welcome families and children with open arms. From separate walks on guided tours, to graded adventure activities that help you personalize your family adventure, the local people work hard to help all families have a memorable stay.

Here are some highlights of a Costa Rica vacation for families. Do a little further research on each one to help you decide what adventures your family would most like to enjoy. You will most likely be staying at a resort such as Los SueƱos Marina and Golf Resort, where they will help you to book guided tours and activities that are safe and family friendly. Wildlife tours are probably the first adventures you'll want to explore.

Costa Rica offers close up encounters with white faced monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas and even butterflies.

The canopy of the rain forest is magnificent and children and adults alike will never forget the experience of crossing hanging bridges and looking down on the jungle from such a lush vantage point.

Many area resorts and tour companies will often arrange visits to local schools where you and your family can have lunch and interact with local school children. The children of Costa Rica love this opportunity to practice their English skills and you get a close up look at real life situations and its people.

One of the most famous activities to do in Costa Rica is a volcano tour. These are exciting and not at all dangerous. The tours again, are designed at different levels and lengths to suit all ages.

Waterfall tours are numerous throughout the area and provide excellent opportunities to explore the flora and fauna close up and personal. You'll see brightly colored birds, frogs, bats and clever spiders that actually weave twigs into their webs to attract and catch prey in the trees. There is even a tree named a kerosene tree that has sap which can actually ignite when scraped from the tree.

Other tours available include butterfly gardens and pineapple plantations. If you have discovered a trip in your preplanning research, be sure to ask at your resort if this is something they can arrange.

Be sure not to overlook a simple family day at the beach. Costa Rica is also famous for its beautiful beaches for swimming and soaking in the sun! If your kids are a little older, or maybe even if you're feeling adventurous yourself, Boogie-boarding and surfing are also a lot of fun to try.

Most of all relax and have fun on your family vacation in Costa Rica. Take lots of pictures and encourage the kids to keep a journal for post-trip enjoyment!

World Cruises - Tips and Hints by Ronald Rougeaux

It is common observation that world cruise vacation is an extremely expensive entertainment. There are many feasible ways available to make a superb world cruise vacation affordable. Stress is almost foreseeable while you are planning your world cruise trip. To reduce the stress you should try to make yourself in planning the trip and list out the items you may need to bring, as soon as you completed you're planning and arranged the entire necessary item you want to take your stress level will automatically be reduced. You must double check your luggage before travel.

The absolute best of world cruises! Going on a world cruise is almost everybody's dream. It is probably the longest vacation you can take since most of such destination cruises last from 90 to 120 days. A week vacation can allow you to indulge in several body relaxing and rejuvenating activities, how much more in a four-month vacation.

But if you do not have four months, you can choose not to go on the whole trip. These types of cruises are flexible in a sense that you can choose to go on just small parts of it called world cruise segments. But you will have to fly to a port of call which can be anywhere in Europe or Asia. Beyond the air travel time and cost, cruise segments are the perfect solution for travelers who don't have enough time to match the entire length of a voyage around the globe yet want to see the far-flung places that such voyages go to.

The destinations that these trips go to are varied from far-flung, grand to exotic. You can wakeup one day and find yourself in the grand cities of Europe; and then you can wake up another day and find yourself in exotic countries of Asia. Bottom-line is, after your trip you can change your travel experience status to being well-traveled and you only had to unpack once.

Another thing that adds to the mystique of cruises around the globe is that there are only a fewcruise lines that offer them. Some of these are the Cunard, Regent Seven Seas, Crystal, Holland America, P&O and Princess. And for the past years, there have only been a yearly average of ten voyages around the globe.

Due to the small number of these types of trips, bookings are open as early as eighteen months prior to sailing date. So when you are hunting for such a vacation during the later parts of the year, you will probably find two in a single line but one is in a different year than the other. Going on this type of trip can take long periods of planning so this can be an advantage. You can practically plan and prepare to go on such a trip which does not sail until after a year.

The term world cruise does not necessarily mean that a ship offering it goes around the world. Some of such cruises just stay in one hemisphere but most of them literally circle the globe. So when you want to visit more places, make sure that you check the itinerary.

4 Great Destinations in the Caribbean For Romantic Getaways by Erin O'Dougherty

Do you want to plan a romantic getaway to the Caribbean? If so, you have many destination choices. All come highly rated and recommended. In fact, you may find it difficult to make a choice. So, what areas of the Caribbean are perfect for romantic getaways?

1 - Jamaica

When many Americans think of the Caribbean, Jamaica is usually the first destination that comes to mind. Why? It is one of the most well-known and popular islands in the Caribbean. Millions of tourists visit each year. Why should you be one of them?

As with most Caribbean islands, one of Jamaica's biggest draws is the beautiful beaches. These beaches open up a world of fun and romance. Whether you want to sunbathe along the beach or have a snorkeling adventure, you can do so. Not only that, you and your partner will have the experience of a lifetime. Everything, even a simple task such as swimming, is better in the Caribbean and in Jamaica!

On the island of Jamaica, you have many all-inclusive resorts to choose from. If you opt for a Jamaican vacation, make your decision wisely. Examine many resorts to find the perfect fit. Beachfront resorts, as well as those with onsite golf courses come highly rated and recommended.

2 - The Bahamas

In addition to Jamaica, the Bahamas is the other most well-known part of the Caribbean. It is a popular vacation destination for all types of travel, including romantic getaways. Why? Because your dreams can come alive here. The Bahamas are composed of 29 islands, with New Providence being the most visited and most populated.

Although commonly associated with cruise ships, the Bahamas offers more than a port for ships. It is also home to some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. Beachfront resorts open up a world of land and water based activities for guests, including snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and windsurfing.

The greatest benefit of vacationing in the Bahamas is that everything you need is within walking distance! Whether you want to shop at local boutiques, enjoy the busy nightlife, or gamble at world class casinos, you can do so without the use of a car. Although walking may seem like a waste of time, in the Caribbean a simple walk becomes a romantic excursion.

3 - Curacao

Although small in size, the Caribbean island of Curacao has much to offer. Sometimes referred to as a hidden treasure, Curacao is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Why? For starters, there are the beautiful beaches that are home to clear waters. The island is also home to a wide range of water and land activities, including golfing, hiking, mountain biking, snorkeling, and scuba diving, just to name a few.

In fact, the biggest allure of Curacao is scuba diving. There are over 60 world-class diving locations just off the shores of this beautiful island. Many protected coral reefs are located just offshore and many are accessible without a boat!

To get the most out of your Caribbean romantic getaway, opt for a beachfront Curacao resort and one that is located on the southern side of the island. Here you will find calmer waters just about all year long.

4 - Panama

Technically, Panama is located in Central America, but it does boarder the Caribbean Sea. For that reason, it is occasionally classified as a Caribbean vacation destination. Regardless of how you classify it, it is a great destination for a romantic getaway. Over the years, Panama has focused on bettering its tourism industry and it has done just that!

Panama is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. This opens up a world of opportunities for tourists like you. Those on romantic getaways are encouraged to opt for all-inclusive beachfront resorts. Whether you hop in the water or opt for a stroll along the beach, the romantic atmosphere is the perfect setting for your getaway.

By opting for an all-inclusive Panama resort, you never need to leave. There is so much for you to do right onsite. However, if you choose to venture off the resort grounds, there is so much to do and see. The vast landscape of Panama is just one reason why it is great vacation destination. In addition to the sandy beaches with crystal clear water, you will find mountains, forests, coral reefs, wildlife refuges, and national parks.

The above mentioned destinations are just a few that you will find in the Caribbean. Honestly, regardless of where you choose to vacation, you are sure to have the romantic getaway of a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Make your travel plans today!

How to Plan a Caribbean Destination Wedding on a Budget by Richard Teesdale

Have you always dreamed of getting married on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean? If so, you might assume that your dream must stay at dream due to costs. Despite what you might assume or what you may have heard, destination weddings in the Caribbean can be a lot cheaper than anticipated. So, how can you plan a destination wedding on a budget?

Find all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean that offer free standard wedding ceremonies. Yes, some resorts really do offer these! They usually require a minimum nights stay, such as 3 or 5 nights. What does a free wedding include? Inclusions vary depending on the resort in question; however, you are likely to find some common inclusions. It is common to get free access to a wedding planner, a choice of ceremony locations, a provided witness or a couple of guest passes, and a private dinner afterwards. With a longer stay, such as 7 or 9 nights, the resort may take care of the additional expenses required to validate a marriage in a foreign country.

Choose the all-inclusive resort that is the perfect fit. Since many Caribbean resorts give guests the option of having a free standard wedding, you have a choice. Don't opt for the first resort you see. Take the time to find the perfect fit. Most brides and grooms combine their destination wedding with their honeymoon to meet the minimum stay requirement. Since you may spend a week or more, choose a good resort. Don't just focus on the wedding, but the honeymoon too. Opt for a resort with a long list of inclusions, meaning you don't pay extra. Beachfront resorts may have a host of beach activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

Make your travel plans. This involves reserving your room or suite at the all-inclusive resort. Many resorts give you the option to include your airline tickets too. Do it because you may save money and it eliminates another reservation that you need to make. Although you can make your trip arrangements online, you may want to contact the resort in question. Remember, you want to have a cheap, but memorable destination wedding in the Caribbean. Honestly, you are one of many. Contact the resort by phone to ensure you can have a wedding during your anticipated travel dates. Don't find out too late that the garden is booked for other special events.

If you didn't contact the all-inclusive resort before booking your trip, do so now. You shouldn't just show up and expect to get a wedding. As previously stated, even free standard wedding ceremonies may qualify for a free wedding planner. Make use of yours. Destination weddings can be difficult to plan, as you may be thousands of miles away. A wedding planner can ease the stress and ensure you have a perfect day.

Review the Caribbean resort's inclusions for free wedding ceremonies. As previously stated, this varies. Most of this information is found on resort websites, but your wedding planner should also be able to mail you a packet.

Review the resort's wedding upgrades. A free wedding is nice, but you usually get just the basics. If the basics aren't enough for you, order some upgrades. These upgrades are affordable, meaning you can still have your dream wedding when on a budget. As with inclusions, available upgrades depend on the resort in question. You can usually get in-room hair and makeup, purchase additional guest passes, have a wedding reception instead of a private dinner, rent a tux, arrange for a photographer, and live or recorded music. If you wish for upgrades, discuss them with the resort's provided wedding planner.

Finalize your travel plans. In the week or two before your destination Caribbean wedding, contact the resort again to ensure everything is in place. Now is also the time to make any necessary changes to your wedding, like adding additional upgrades. When packing, pay close attention to your wedding dress. In fact, contact the airline ahead of time to know how you can travel with your dress. Can the airline hang it in the cabin or must you check it with the rest of your luggage?

Blackpool Tower by Kenny Tighe

Blackpool Tower was first opened on the 14th May 1894. It was inspired by the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. It stands 158metres (518ft 9inches) tall and it can be seen on a clear day from a 30 mile radius. This magnificent construction is of course classed as a Grade 1 listed building. The original cost of construction was £290,000 which back in the 1800s was a King's ransom!

There are in total 5million bricks, 2500 tonnes of iron and 93 tonnes of cast steel. The iron and steel within the tower itself have been constructed in such a way so that if it was to fall down, it would fall into the sea. As you would imagine maintenance of such a colossal building is a year round job. When the Tower was first built it was left unpainted for many years and naturally, with the sea air and strong winds it began to corrode. As a result parts of the tower had to be replaced. Painting the Tower from top to bottom takes years to complete, men known as Stick Men are responsible for this. It is a very challenging and somewhat dangerous job, could you imagine yourself 500ft up in a gale force wind with a paint brush in your hand?!!! They were actually featured in a BBC programme Britain's Toughest Jobs.
Within the Tower building is the world famous and very beautiful Tower Ballroom. The original Ballroom was opened in 1894. Its ceiling and surroundings feature classical and ornate art work. From 1930 until his retirement in 1970 Reginald Dixon known as Mr. Blackpool was the resident organist. He was to be seen rising up from beneath the stage playing his Mighty Whiritzer organ. People came from far and wide to listen and to dance in these magnificent surroundings. The BBC broadcast the very popular series "Come Dancing" from the Ballroom. Even though Mr. Dixon is no longer there, there is still dancing today on a daily basis.

The Tower Circus is positioned between the Towers four legs. It features daily performances from acrobats to clowns in its fabulous show. The Circus ring can be lowered to a depth of 4ft 6inches as a pool of water holding 42,000 gallons fills it up. This spectacle features in the Circuses Grand Finales with stunning Dancing Fountains. Charlie Cairoli one of the greatest clowns the world has ever seen appeared at the Tower Circus for 39 years. There is now a permanent exhibition showing the life of Charlie Cairoli within the Tower. Britain's best known Ringmaster Norman Barret also starred in the Circus ring for over 25 years. Today the Circus is lead by the very funny and talented Mooky the clown.

The oldest part of the Tower building is actually the Aquarium. It was originally part of "Dr Cockers Menagerie and Aquarium" in the 1870s. It was kept open to earn revenue whilst the Tower was built up around it. Today it homes 57 different species of fresh and sea water fish. The largest tank holds 32,000 litres of water.
On your next trip to Blackpool why not take time to visit the Tower? Take in the Circus, let the children explore Jungle Jims play area and take the lift to the top of the Tower and walk the "Walk of Death" if you dare? You won't be disappointed.